Once upon a time there was a girl in the world. She lived a normal life doing things.

One day, on a walk, she came across a beautiful apple tree. The apples were so red and beautiful that they seemed to her to be calling her name. They were in fact magic apples of death, but she did not know this of course, so she picked the fruit and took a bite.

When she bit it, many things happened. First a poison coursed through her veins. It corrupted her. It killed her. It froze her. And in that frozen moment, she fell into a void. And in the void, a choir of angels sang. They sang a song that said, “She ate the apple, she is Appleonia”. And they sang this for many hundreds of years while plants spoke to her, darkness filled her, and an eagle sealed her. And she slept. For hundreds of years she slept and dreamt of her life.

One day she woke. She remembered. And she was Appleonia.