Here are some things about Jessica Chapnik Kahn that you might like to know: she immigrated to Australia as a child from Argentina. She lived in a migrant hostel. She was raised by Jewish Polish Catholic Italian Argentinian parents who joined a couple of cults along the way. She dreams in Spanish. Her first crush was Marilyn Monroe, followed closely by Lady Diana. As a teenager she studied the bible. As an adult she studies with a Rabbi. She visits a young saint in India. She used to play in the bands of Sarah Blasko, Old Man River and Ben Lee. She acts. She was on an Australian soap opera. She doesn’t know how to swim, but she lives by the sea. She has a cat phobia. It is tensions and obsessions like these that have influenced her music-making to date, and helped her create her solo project, Appleonia.

In January 2014, Jessica released her album OH, a collection of songs written by Jessica and featuring a number of producers and collaborators including Nadav Kahn (Gelbison), Jimmy Tamberello (The Postal Service), Ian Ball (Gomez), Nic Johns (The Motels), Lara Meyerratken (El May), and Ben Lee .

In 2013, Jessica composed the music for the feature documentary “Despite The Gods” (directed by Penny Vozniak), a biopic of Hollywood’s prodigal daughter Jennifer Lynch (daughter of cult director David Lynch). The soundtrack album was Appleonia’s debut release; a dreamy, Indian-inspired landscape, featuring guest appearances by Australian musicians including Craig Nicholls from The Vines. The film has screened in over 35 film festivals worldwide (so far), and won Best Documentary at the LA Femme International Film Festival 2014, and Best Director for Documentary at the LA Downtown Film Festival 2014

Also in 2013, Jessica co-wrote and co-produced Ben Lee’s solo album, “Welcome to the Work”. The pair first worked together in 2008 collaborating on the soundtrack for the Australian film “The Square” (directed by Nash Edgerton). All songs were performed by Jessica. The soundtrack album was nominated for an ARIA and AFI Award.

Currently, Jessica is composing the score for a new film called “Ordinary Wonderlands” (directed by Penny Vozniak). It is a feature documentary following the lives of real life super heroes. She is also writing and recording her next Appleonia album, “The Shattering”.